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How to Add Rates

Pricing Directions for        Please read this entire page!

The Basic Daily Rate located above the calendar is required for search engine purposes, not for the site pricing search.  You must use Specific Rates located at the top of the calendar.

To input rates:

Click on Specific Rates:

Please pre-think your rates structure.  The starting point is to choose your applicable rates for a time period (Daily, Weekend, Weekly).

Choose your time period:

Click on the Date field and two calendars will pop up.  The left is for the starting date, the right for the last night booked (not the departure date).  Please select and click on the Green Apply Button.

Put prices in the Daily, Weekend Daily (this is not the weekend price but daily price over the weekend), Weekly and/or Monthly fields.  Please put in the minimum number of nights.

This feature is already causing us challenges as some people have three day weekends which could be a Thursday or Sunday night.  I am afraid that at the moment we are unable to satisfy everyone’s pricing needs but will have a space on the booking form that has some kind of caveat about pricing not confirmed until verified by owner.

Click the Blue Save button at the bottom of the screen.

Repeat for your next time period.


Please remember to hit Save at the bottom of the Add Rates screen and Save and Publish on the bottom right hand corner of the main Admin Screen.

Please do not put links to your site or to your pricing page or to other websites.